Kohler K-596-VS Kitchen Faucet Review & Guide

Kohler k-596-vs kitchen faucet is a different type of fixture that gives an excellent blend of performance, operations easily, and long-lasting reliability.

It is available with 3 powerful spray styles to increase operational versatility, including help for intensive cleansing. Also included in this Kohler k-596-vs kitchen faucet is the coveted good magnetic docking feature for quick hose retractions. You’ll also like operating with the 360-degree swivel spout and adjustable hose.

Kohler K-596-VS

Kohler K-596-VS Kitchen Faucet Overview

This Kohler k-596-vs pull-down kitchen faucet is made for superior styling and working convenience. You can manage the spray head with a single hand as you use the other to execute other kitchen jobs.

Better ergonomics is one of the highlights that set this Kohler k-596-vs faucet apart from other types of models. Its braided hose performs ProMotion® technology, which is very light, smooth, and has a swiveling ball joint for maximum flexibleness.

Then there’s the spout, itself, which rotates at 360 degrees so that you can relocate it out of the way in either control, whenever you require more sink space, to accommodate bigger items, for instance.

It available equipped with a three-function spray head that supports operational and washing versatility. You can select the Sweep® spray type and the head will create an effective and strong water bake for tough cleaning tasks.

The stream option operates excellent in light of careful cleaning, and with the single touch of a switch, you can engage advanced technology to boost the water flow speed by 30 percent.

To simplify the spray head’s progress even further, this part comes fitted with sculpted switches that are simple to use even with wet, soapy fingers.

Another efficiency-boosting highlight in this Kohler K-596-VS Kitchen Faucet is DockNetik® magnetic docking type. Often located in premium faucet models, this tool will lock the spray head securely in position when it’s not in use.

Kohler takes user satisfaction and comforts a notch higher with its inclusion of a heating memory device, which supports you to turn the faucet on and stop at a heating temperature saved from the previous usage.

Even though the high-arc spout gives complete clearance for you to fill containers and wash them as well, it’s worth noting that the 16-4/8-inch part requires a significant vertical clearance, making the kitchen faucet unfit for installation under low cabinets.

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Appearance Of Kohler K-596-VS Kitchen Faucet

The K-596-VS’s style and look scream beauty and class. The complete unit is very refined supporting a small signature that is space-saving, mainly horizontally.

Kohler provides this Kohler K-596-VS Faucet in 3 classic coatings including vibrant stainless, bright chrome, and matte black finish. All of these are tarnish-resistant, signifying that they will maintain their sophistication and attract even after years of constant usage.

If your kitchenware includes mainly stainless steel products, then you should think of getting the vibrant stainless or polished chrome polishes.

The matte black is great for those consumers who prefer a laid-back look connected with touching of sophistication.

Durability Of Kohler K-596-VS Faucet

The entire kitchen faucet is made on an expensive metallic material, which guarantees the unit will face the pressures of daily usage and regular contact with water.

All the kitchen faucet finishes available with this Kohler K-596-VS Faucet are manufactured to maintain corrosion and rusting. Your Kohler K-596-VS will look as unique as it was even after many times of usage.

Also, the kitchen faucet’s disk valves are built with strong ceramic, which supports prevent the basic problem of dripping, which tends to affect kitchen faucets, continuously.

Regular washing of some kitchen faucet parts does contribute an excellent deal towards extending the unit’s strength. For ease of washing the K-596-VS’s spray face is maintained by MasterClean™ technology, which stops mineral buildup on that element.

A limited lifetime warranty treats this premium piece so that you can have trust in its consistent and good performance.

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Installation process of K-596-VS

A key point of the K-596-VS and one of the purposes it is a favorite for many families is its high installation simplicity.

This Kohler K-596-VS Kitchen Faucet helps single-hole and 3-hole sink configurations, making it a common installation for most sinks.

All the important supply pipes and rings needed for an easy installation have been added so that the method is smooth even for a non-expert.

Also, you’ll be please with the experience that Kohler also added the necessary escutcheon plate to support achieve a perfect installation without wasting extra money on extra components.

Cost: An Amazing Deal for the Quality

There’s no issue about the high-quality features and experiences the K-596-VS kitchen faucet gives to your kitchen. It is a good faucet that gives a lot of benefits that help to all-around home kitchen uses.

You get three spray head functions that address all the basic applications performed at the kitchen sink, including intensive washing, which is made potential by the sweep spray function that builds a powerful water blade.

Its K-596-VS kitchen faucet hose and spout have been optimized to improve flexibility. The braided hose is quest, light, and braided to analyze spray head handling and maneuverability.

Also, the entire fixture is made of high-quality metallic structure and comes available with tarnish-resistant coatings, all of which increase the unit’s durability.

Another Kohler kitchen faucet that plays well with the K-596-VS is the K-22036-CP. This one gives superior using convenience thanks to its touchless sensor-driven control.

Because of this amazing touchless control feature, the K-22036-CP decreases the risks of bacteria transmission because you will be touching the kitchen faucet less often.

However, because the touch sensor feature needs some degree of electric components, there’s always a limited chance that they could fail and you’d risk losing the modern functionalities.

Also, the K-22036-CP is significantly expensive than Kohler K-596-VS. Therefore, making the latter maximizes the cost you get for your pocket.

Key Features Of Kohler K-596-VS Faucet

  • 3 high-performance and versatile spray options increase kitchen faucet efficiency.
  • Sweep® spray system gives a wide and solid spray for superior washing.
  • Safe DockNetik® magnetic docking technology for protected spray head docking
  • A high-arc spout look allows convenient fill and washing of containers or pots.
  • The 360-degree spout swivel ability gives superior kitchen faucet maneuverability.
  • The amazing quality metallic material guarantees long-lasting stability and performance.

Final Words About This Kohler K-596-VS

3 high-performance spray modes, strong magnetic spray head docking technology, and a highly-adjustable spout and hose are some of the many points that make this spray head unique for all consumers in your home, especially for routine kitchen sink-related jobs such as washing and food preparation. This Kohler K-596-VS reviews always positive from consumers.


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