Hansgrohe Lacuna Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Review in 2020

Hansgrohe is German sanitary fittings manufacturing company. Hansgrohe was originally founded by Hansgrohe in 1901, in Germany. It is the world’s largest shower head, hand shower, and tap suppliers. we have written Hansgrohe Lacuna Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Review for your consideration.

Hansgrohe lacuna kitchen faucets

hansgrohe kitchen faucet

This hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucet comes with stylish lines and impressive features. The hansgrohe Lacuna pull down kitchen faucet is the perfect addition for your kitchen.

The Lacuna includes a 10-inch base plate installed to cover any empty holes if you previously had a multi-hole faucet. The stop feature lets you to temporarily stop the stream of water, making filling a pot or coffee machine quickly and easily.  

The faucet’s dual-function spray head swivel makes cleaning the sink more efficient using an aerated full spray and a more rinsing needle spray. The flexible connection hoses in this Hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucet make installing fast and easy in smaller cabinets.

Hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucet can turn out to be the best kitchen faucet you have ever bought. It is easy to install and the material is of very good quality. What’s more important is you can maintain the product and clean filters or even replace them. This will make this product last for many years to come. The Hansgrohe faucets reviews have resulted in the increase in product sales.


  • The hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucet includes a 10-inch base plate.
  • If you previously had a 3-hole faucet installed, use this base plate to cover any empty holes.
  • The pause feature in this hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucet lets you temporarily stop the stream of water, makes filling pot or coffee machine simple
  • The spray head swivels to make cleaning the sink a breeze, providing water coverage to all corners of the sink.
  • The boltic lever lock prevents the handle from becoming loose during repeated operation
  • The ceramic cartridge provides smooth, leak-free operation.
  • 150-degree swivel area ensures access to the entire sink.
  • This feature lets you to reach hard to reach areas for convenience
  • The handle’s vertical starting position permits installation even with limited backsplash area.
  • As an added benefit, pulling the handle forward activates cold water instead of hot; helping to prevent accidental scalding.


  • Stylish
  • Super easy to install
  • Stainless steel body


  • Gives less flow
  • Poor customer support

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Buying Guide for hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucets

Style and Finishing

When you are out to shop faucets you most likely have a certain style in mind that you’re aiming for. The look generally depends on the design of your kitchen, space and whether it is more modern, traditional, or industrialized. Hansgrohe pull down kitchen faucets can help meet your design needs since their products come in every design category.

Size of the Hansgrohe Lacuna Pull Down faucet

Make sure you check the size of the product that is right for you. You need to consider the size and depth of the sink you’ll be using it in.

Big sinks can accommodate faucets with a great spout height and reach. Smaller sinks, on the other hand, can do better with a low-arc faucet that does not have a far reach. Hansgrohe faucets come in a variety of shapes and sizes that fit well in any sink space.


Hansgrohe lacuna pull down kitchen faucets not only come in with a turn off and turn on button to let the water flow. There are many operational features to choose from, the first being single vs. dual handle system. A single handle system has just one handle to control the temperature and water output, whereas a dual handle faucet has two handles (one on each side).

Another operational feature that is popular is the touch vs. Hansgrohe touch less kitchen faucet. Hansgrohe does not have much to choose from if you’re looking for a unit that is motion-activated. They do, however, have a line of faucets that can be turned on by clicking a button rather than using a handle/lever.

Flow Rate

Maximum flow rate for residential faucet fixtures is 2.2 gallons per minute. Hansgrohe not only just follow this regulation, but also offers several models with a lower-than-average flow rate. These low-flow faucets save a significant amount of water within the home.

Durability of Hansgrohe kitchen faucet

When it comes to the durability it counts on the materials and manufacturing practices used. Hansgrohe emphasizes more on the durability of its products. No matter where your faucets are in the kitchen or bathroom – are the most-used fixtures within a home or commercial building. So, to have a durable faucet is a must, and Hansgrohe delivers on this.

Mounting Style/Installation

Hansgrohe faucets are installed with a deck-mounting system, mounted directly on the sink top or counter-top. This type of installation is relatively simple, and just about anyone can turn faucet installation into a DIY project.

There is another mounting style that is not easy, but it looks good. This type of faucet is installed on the wall behind the sink and requires a bit of plumbing work. Hansgrohe pull down kitchen faucets offers both, but you’ll find a greater selection of deck-mounted faucets. 

Number of Hole

It is also very important to know the current faucet configuration. 

Types of Hansgrohe kitchen faucets

Hansgrohe Pull Down and Hansgrohe Pull Out Kitchen faucets

The pull-down or pull-out function of a faucet is good for the kitchen sink. A pull-down hansgrohe lacuna faucet is the one in which the faucet head pulls down into the sink from its base.

This type of faucet has a high arc, making it a better fit for a larger kitchen sink. And pull-out models pull outwards instead of downwards and are better suited to smaller sink spaces.

Traditional and Commercial-Style

Hansgrohe lacuna faucets have both residential and commercial style faucets. Commercial faucets are used in kitchen spaces that experience lots of fast-paced activity. It is designed using the most durable materials like solid brass and stainless steel.

They have a spring feature rather than a pull-down or pull out faucet head. The best commercial-grade faucets that Hansgrohe covers can be found at tons of commercial cooking spaces around the world. It also gives you an option to choose between touch and hansgrohe touch less kitchen faucets.

Modern High Arc and Pot Filler

More modern faucets have an extremely high arc, just similar to a swan’s neck. This high arc gives an air of elegance and is the perfect design that has features to renovate any kitchen.

Hansgrohe lacuna kitchen faucets also give you the option for a pot filler style faucet. This type offers capabilities using a long jointed arm that extends over the stovetop instead of a sink. It makes filling pots with water more effortless.

frequently ask questions

How to install hansgrohe faucets?

  • All hansgrohe kitchen taps offer easy, safe installation with flexible hose connections and a built-in stabilization plate. You can rely on these connections.  
  • The kitchen tap enjoys a sturdy and permanently stable position on the hansgrohe kitchen sink. This is ensured by reinforcement beneath the tap ledge.
  • Gives you a room for manoeuvre during installation: the long, flexible hoses on the hansgrohe kitchen taps make it easy for you to determine the installation site, to suit your requirements at the sink.

How can you reach Hansgrohe for help?

To reach Hansgrohe customer service, you can fill out the contact form found directly on the website. You can also get in touch by calling.

How to claim for warranty for your Hansgrohe faucet?

Contact Hansgrohe and tell them about the issue. As you need to provide some information, like the product serial number. Since, Hansgrohe warranty covers the defect, you’ll receive either a part replacement or a brand new faucet.

What is the price range of these models on our list?

The quality of materials used and the design features available, Hansgrohe is priced very reasonably, depending on the design and functionality features you’re looking for.

Where can you buy a new Hansgrohe faucets and older parts?

WE recommend Amazon. There is no better place to find exactly what you’re looking for. Not only can you purchase a brand new Hansgrohe faucet here, but you can also find additional Hansgrohe faucet parts and fixtures as well as the appropriate faucet cleaning supplies.


The above mentioned hansgrohe faucet reviews will help you compare other pull down kitchen faucets brands. The above mentioned Hansgrohe lacuna kitchen faucet reviews have stated faucets that have the latest features and a durability that will definitely stand the test of time. We hope you find this Hansgrohe kitchen faucet reviews useful. Happy shopping!  

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