Hansgrohe Cento Kitchen Faucet Review 2020

Are you looking to buy the best faucet which is not only elegant but also long-lasting then this is the perfect faucet by Hansgrohe brand. There is no second option and thought on quality if it is German made product and so is the case with Hansgrohe Cento Kitchen Faucet.

This is one of the best Hansgrohe Cento Kitchen Faucet, the Hansgrohe focus premium quality 1-handle 16 in kitchen faucet and many other amazing features. The spout of this kitchen faucet is made in such a way to give you all-around good performance as it has been made with pull out spout’s to extend the range.

This is particularly a single hole kitchen faucet but it is configurable with multi-hole settings. The construction of this kitchen faucet is made with good solid brass which ensures the amazing quality and there is a ceramic cartridge.

This actually ensures the leak-free operation of the kitchen faucet in the longer run. Installation for this kitchen faucet is a very easy task for everyone Hansgrohe has been producing amazing kitchen faucets based on super easy installation.

Hansgrohe Cento Kitchen Faucet Overview

Hansgrohe Cento Kitchen Faucet

With some of the old features, this faucet has also got easy to clean as an extra good feature to give you far better performance services. The water flow speed from this kitchen faucet is compliance with California and Europe and that is the reason you will get drought water flow speed.

If you like to have other water flow ratings then you can go for 2.2 or 2.6 GPM water flow. You are going for read some of its amazing features in detail with pros and cons just to get a clear idea about what to expect once you buy this kitchen faucet.

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Hansgrohe has always been made some of the best quality kitchen faucets with amazing and unique features. This one has also kept its place high, the Hansgrohe cento kitchen faucet comes up with solid quality construction and good features that you would love to have in your own kitchen.

The spray head is one of the weakest sensitive things for any kitchen faucet and here it makes use of magnetic spray head docking which holds the spray head on the spout. This is not something quite unique and stylish but this faucet has got specially made MagFit which does the job efficiently.

Another significant good feature of this Hansgrohe cento kitchen faucet is that it has to offer sprayhead with 2 spray modes and this is very useful when you are washing clean different sorts of things in your kitchen.

Quick clean is yet another amazing feature offered by Hansgrohe which is not commonly available in other kitchen faucets. This quick clean feature allows you to have everything cleaned quickly. Any sort of dirt and limestone deposit will be cleaned by using this amazing feature which comes handy when things get messy.

Last but not the least but this could also be considered as one of the powerful amazing features of this Hansgrohe cento kitchen faucet and that is an easy installation task. You do not need heavy-duty plumbing in order to get it to solve issues. The connections are made easy so that you face no difficulty in installing it.

Get in mind its high arc design which gives you powerful and fast water flow. It becomes essential to have fast water flow for heavy-duty washing and cleaning. With all these amazing features in mind, you are now going to read about some of its good and bad points which you must understand prior to buying this faucet.


The first and main advantage with a faucet is that it gives you that many amazing features in less amount of your money as compared to other kitchen faucets. The solid and best quality brass kitchen faucets construction does not only guarantee the reliability of the kitchen faucet but also makes sure that it remains in good look and shape even with the passage of time.

Another plus point with this Hansgrohe cento kitchen faucet is that it has to offer steel amazing finish which is not the case with others and that alone may save your hundred of bugs. Not to mention it also includes with 10in base plate which is again you will have to purchase for any other Hansgrohe kitchen faucet.

On top of everything, this kitchen faucet is equipped with a quick and easy clean feature that provides you to quickly clean all sorts of dirt gathered in the process of the task. This is the feature you will not easily find out in many good high-end kitchen faucets too.


With all these pros of this kitchen faucet, you need just gone through it does not even matter now if there are one or two disadvantages you get in response.

Well, this kitchen faucet does not have any flaws in the design or quality of parts. Lack of true aeration has frequently mentioned the problem with this kitchen faucets design as far as buyer feedback is concerned.

Final Verdict

Quite clearly you will be enjoying this Hansgrohe cento kitchen faucet by Hansgrohe brand as it has got quality, reliability, and amazing features that you want to love to see in your kitchen faucet.

With the Hansgrohe cento classic kitchen faucet priced in a way to appeal to more customers who are using this product, it becomes an incredibly amazing and attractive purchase. All good kitchen sizes will be pleased with this beautiful model, with a strong preference for modern style since it easily fits in so well.

The biggest competition for the cento kitchen faucet comes from the competitively priced Kohler Malleco kitchen faucets brand. Kohler brand-specific features really fit the two faucets apart, making it much easier to enjoy up to date amazing features in an affordable budget product. By comparison, the cento kitchen faucet is a very conservative choice, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t the better of the two.

Hansgrohe is constantly on the minds of the customer because it is such a good high value. It is one of those faucets that is so balanced that it has a high compatibility price. Hansgrohe is the company that persons turn to when they want to get away from the better-known kitchen faucet brands like Kohler or Moen.

If you take that into account, the cento kitchen faucet is the perfect answer to all of the products in the same amount range. With included high-quality material parts like the cover base, you’re getting the best overall deal. You’ll never feel like the cento kitchen faucet was a bad purchase for your home. Hansgrohe cento kitchen faucet reviews are very positive that we can see.

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