Hansgrohe Cento Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet Review 2020

Hansgrohe Cento Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet

The features of the Hansgrohe Cento Semi-Pro kitchen faucet isn’t for all peoples, mostly since this type of kitchen faucet is more popular in an industrial cooking space.

But if you want to buy a modern commercial look, this hansgrohe cento semi-pro kitchen faucet with toggle spray is the best option.

It provides 2 sprays settings – complete and aerated – and is easy to shift into any kitchen sink while using only 1.75 GPM. The outside is covered with a physical vapor displacement (PVD) coating that supports to resist tarnish, corrosion, and dropping extra time.

It is very easy to clean with the sign Hansgrohe fast clean amazing feature that supports the removal of dust and limescale deposits. Any person can do an installation for this kitchen faucet uses adjustable hose settings and deck-mounting.

These amazing features particularly help with installing inside a small countertop place. The kitchen faucet body is manufactured from a mixture of zinc and high-quality brass and can be covered with chrome or good steel finish.

The whole thing can swivel almost 360-degrees, which is an amazing feature that some analysts seem to love, and some aren’t as fond of. Another likely drawback is the coil system for lengthening the kitchen faucet head. Unlike the extendable hose, this coil was reported by one buyer as “too stiff and tough to pull down into the kitchen sink.

The performance of the faucet has been great. Very smooth. It looks great, has a high-quality feel to it, and my wife is very impressed with this product. In the end, that’s really special things for me.”


  • 25 1/8 Inches Tall
  • 2 Spray Modes: Laminar and Needle
  • 360-Degree Spout Range
  • Pull-out Sprayhead
  • 1.75 GPM Water Flow Rate


  • Tarnish, Scuffs, PVD Finish Resists Corrosion
  • 2 Spray head Modes
  • Easy to Install


  • It’s very heavy

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Hansgrohe Cento Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

When you’re looking to purchase a right kitchen faucet for your small commercial place, or you want the way they look and operate and want one for your home, looking the right one might not be as simple as you would imagine.

To help you looking for the right semi-pro kitchen faucet for your home or office, we create this quick guide. In the next section, we will guide you on which points you should look for in a faucet model, and how to decide which the great commercial faucet for your kitchen is.

4 Reasons to Buy Hansgrohe cento semi-pro kitchen faucet

If you think why people choose semi-pro faucets over other kitchen faucet models. so, we can’t give you an exact answer, but we are going to cover some features and points of this faucet below. It’s a Hansgrohe cento classic kitchen faucet.

1. This semi-pro kitchen faucet Look Great

Commercial kitchen faucets look amazing. They are tall, they have a swan neck or a clean U neck, and they have an easy yet attractive look. Most consumers accept that a semi-pro kitchen faucet can change the overall look of your own kitchen.

These kitchen faucets are heavy and big, so they can attract attention. If you decide to place them on a central island, they will enhance the centerpiece of your favorite kitchen.

If you want on installing them in a corner of the kitchen, you can be assured they will attract attention to that kitchen corner. You can easily use this faucet to your cleaning task if you decide to emphasize a certain aspect of your home or office kitchen.

2. This hansgrohe cento semi-pro kitchen faucet Perform Well

If you’re the type of person who regularly cooks the food, you know already that the only task harder than cooking foods is washing up after you consume it.

Well, this is where the Hansgrohe cento semi-pro kitchen faucets excel. Not only will the kitchen faucet help you make an easy way for washing up anything, but the faucet will make it super easy you will be cursing yourself for a fool because you didn’t use one before industrial kitchen faucets are heavy and powerful.

So this product will give enough water and pressure to clean even the hardest stains. this product has pull-down spray heads, so you will be ready to use cento semi-pro kitchen faucet with ease when you need to wash up pots, pans, and trays, etc.

This product also gives two types of spray patterns. One of them you can use for every time use, while the other is more strong and you can use it when dirty things are very hard to clean.

3. Easy To Install And Use

These types of faucets are very easy to set and use. The semi-pro faucets come with a single tap for a simple way to maintain the water’s temperature, and most of this type of faucet has amazing features that support you during the installation.

4. Long Warranty Period

This is one of the best points about industrial-style kitchen faucets. Not only this product covered by a limited lifetime warranty, but it also comes with a long time full warranty period.

Most of these semi-pro models come with a 4-5-year warranty, but some of the kitchen faucets come with even longer time warranty periods.

Final Words

Now that you’ve seen our little guide and hansgrohe cento semi-pro kitchen faucet review, now we can expect you can get the right faucet model for your kitchen.

Commercial faucets are not only good looking than other kitchen faucets, but they’re also more powerful and more long-lasting.

The best commercial kitchen faucet will help you wash the plates and pans immediately, and Hansgrohe cento semi-pro kitchen will also support you do a thorough task.

No matter how effective these kitchen faucets are, personalities wouldn’t be purchasing them if the product wouldn’t look great.

Thankfully, this faucet model also looks more useful than other types of kitchen faucets. As a subject of fact, establishing an industrial faucet in your own kitchen will quickly impress all of your special guests, and it will upgrade your kitchen’s look and aspect.

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