Delta Essa Kitchen Faucet Review & guide

delta essa kitchen faucets

Choosing the best and perfect kitchen faucet to fit your kitchen space can be a challenge for you, and a fully crowded market means that you can have too many choices in the market!

For most homeowners, there are 4 important factors that can massively help their final right decision: appearance, function, reliability, and affordable price.

Delta is a good brand that manages to tick all of these boxes and the Delta Essa 9113-AR-DST is a good place to start.

With a sleek, modern stylish design, a range of extra good features, and a amazing price which sits comfortably in the mid-range, this is a best choice for those looking to add an quick update to their favorite kitchen space, providing a pop of contemporary elegance to the overall aesthetics, while still ensuring best quality and longevity.

Though the price is a little bit higher than some of the most popular budget options, solid construction, and attention to information helps to confirm that this is a product which will stand the test of all time, making this a good investment in your home.

Description of Delta Essa Kitchen Faucet

The Delta Essa model is a amazing product that combines both form and function into a single compact package and wraps it up with an reasonable price tag. The simple amazing gooseneck design comes equipped with a pull down sprayer, allowing you greater high flexibility and movement.

The height of the kitchen faucet itself is 16 inches, and there are extra 24 inches available from the pull down feature, offering a wide range of movement; this is the perfect choice if you need that extra space and movability within your kitchen, and need your kitchen faucet to be able to tackle a wide range of jobs.

With a choice of four finishes and a sleek, good smooth design, this is an all in one solution to your kitchen faucet worries and can tackle your chores with ease.

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delta essa kitchen faucets

Feature & Benefits

As we mentioned, the primary faucet feature which attracts most good customers to the Delta Essa faucet model is the pull-down sprayer. There is no denying that this is a significant benefit that helps to set this kitchen faucet apart from the competition in the market.

This feature is made by the inclusion of a MagnaTite docking system, which can help to keep the wand firmly in place when not in use. Many good customers have a complaint when it comes to pull-down or pull-out spray systems; they tend to slip and move when being stored, and this can result in leaks and drips, or even damage to the rest of the kitchen faucet system.

Leaks can also be reduced thanks to the one-piece supply line, which is fitted with the kitchen faucet, as well as diamond-embedded ceramic discs. Both of these faucet features work together to help provide consistency and strong longevity, by helping to minimize the number of potential leak points.

The spray head is fully supported, and this reduces the chances of the head beginning to droop – a common culprit for many water leaks and long life reliability issues. Instead, the Delta Essa kitchen faucet is designed to withstand the test of time and tackle your household tasks.

The kitchen faucet spray system comes with another advantage; users can silect between a spray or a stream setting, and this allows for far greater and long flexibility.

Depending on the task you are doing, you may need a wider spray of  kitchen water or a more focused stream for a smaller areas. With the touch of a button, users can switch from one to the other, and this is a benefit that helps to make the Delta Essa kitchen faucet more versatile and increases its value on the market.

The spray head has good rubber nozzles at the end and this helps to keep the amount of build-up to a minimum, and is easy to keep clean and fresh. The material also means that any timescale which does accumulate can be easily wiped off, meaning that everyday maintenance and normal care and upkeep is super easy and that you can make this product last for longer with a little care and attention.

No Delta Essa kitchen faucet review would be complete without a mention of the amazing Touch-less technology, which is a crucial part of this kitchen product; by touching anywhere on the kitchen faucet, you will automatically start the flow of water.

This can be a good real lifesaver if you have your hands full, or grubby fingers! Built-in TempSense technology will then alert you to the temperature of the water using an LED light, and this feature helps to keep safe and avoid any nasty burns or accidents.

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  • Offers a flexible, good versatile spray head that can be used for a wide variety of jobs around your home.
  • Comes in four amazing finishes to help achieve an appealing overall right aesthetic in your kitchen.
  • The height of the faucet means that there is plenty of space to task.
  • 360-degree swivel allows you to make the most of smaller sinks and used areas.
  • Deck plate is included with this product.


  • The kitchen faucet is quite large compared to other faucet models and could be a little bulky for confined sinks and kitchens.
  • Some users have complaint that this can be difficult task to install compared to other faucet models.

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delta essa kitchen faucets

Why You Should Consider Buying This Faucet

If you are on the hunting for a reliable, flexible kitchen faucet at a cheap mid-range price, the Delta Essa kitchen faucet is a best pick for you.

The pull down head is a real bonus, and the 360 degree swivel availability means that the Essa will be able to tackle the majority of household work with ease, even in a slightly more confined space.

Customers will also have the added good advantage of touchless feature and TempSense sensor technology to keep you and family safe. In addition, there is a best choice of finishes, and the sleek, gooseneck style adds a sense of elegant sophistication, which is confirm that to be a great fit in any modern kitchen. Protection Status

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