#5 Brizo Kitchen Faucet Reviews With Affordable Price 2020

Brizo kitchen faucets are a high-quality faucet manufacturer based in the USA. Brizo is known for its high-quality parts to give the best performance and reliability.

The best thing you see about the Brizo kitchen faucets is the look. this Brizo company used a Scandinavian technique for their kitchen faucets, and all of them have long and elegant lines. Whether you’re watching for a faucet to include in your modern style kitchen, or you’re changing your traditional one, these products will be the best addition for your kitchen.

Besides the great style, Brizo faucets are also very functional. They’re trustworthy and long-lasting without being heavy. They use the most advanced technologies and offer the most of them. Last but not least, the Brizo brand has incredible coatings. The finishes are so great, customers will think you purchased a new amazing kitchen faucet all time they visit.

In the following guide, we going to guide you about the top Brizo kitchen faucets reviews, so you won’t have to look the Internet for them.

1. Brizo 64020LF-PC Solna Kitchen Faucet

Brizo Kitchen Faucet

This Brizo 64020LF-PC Solna Kitchen Faucet is part of the Brizo Solna models and available with a shiny chrome finishing. The Brizo 64020LF-PC Solna Kitchen Faucet is big and has a beautiful classic design, so it will be a high addition to all home or office kitchen.

The Brizo kitchen faucet has a beautiful design and the chromed coating will blend fit in with most modern look kitchen designs. The amazing thing when you purchase a Brizo faucet is that you help from all the technologies Brizo develop for their faucets.

One of the amazing features of the kitchen faucet is the Smart Touch feature. This feature supports you to turn on the kitchen faucet by just touching it on the body. You won’t understand how valuable this feature can be until you use it.

Another amazing feature is the pull-down kitchen faucet. Unlike other Brizo kitchen faucet models, this faucet has an incorporated pull-out part. The neck is hard, but there’s a switch in a notch on its back. When you pull the switch, the pullout piece performs. This another benefit of having this type of pullout feature, besides looking fabulous. There is no seam between the kitchen faucet and the sprayed piece, so it’s more strong than other Brizo faucet models.

The spray head has two functions, and once you stop using it, it will return right back thanks to the MagneDock helpful technology.

  • Brizo SmartTouch feature
  • On/Off Indicator Light
  • Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet
  • Two Functions
  • MagneDock magnetic system

2. Brizo 63225LF-SS Artesso faucet


This is a new style looking kitchen faucet with a minimalist design, making it best for open space kitchens. The hose has a good curved format every time, giving the kitchen faucet a beautiful appearance.

The Brizo 63225LF-SS Artesso faucet has a simple minimalist look, but this faucet is very attractive and it will be the unique of your kitchen, nonetheless. This is the kind of kitchen faucets people see right away, and it will surely bring some good compliments from your friends and family members.

Due to its original look, this Brizo Kitchen Faucet will be the best fit in both modern and more traditional looks. The pull-down system is very simple to use, and we can pull the hose to reach up to 12 inches in length. The spray head of this kitchen faucet can also be lifted when you have to clean larger things, like dishes or pans.

You can adjust between the spray head and the kitchen faucet modes with one push of a switch. This Brizo Kitchen Faucet will allow you to manage the kitchen faucets with a single hand, so you can use your other hand at every time. Once you stop using the spray head, it will go back in its position thanks to the MagneDock magnetic technology.

  • Pull Down Kitchen Faucet
  • MagneDock Magnetic Technology
  • Two Functions

3. Brizo 63020LF-BL Solna

This is another faucet model relating to the Brizo Solna collection. This is the matte black finish faucet that offers it a particular beauty and an amazing sense of class. Both the kitchen faucet body and the handle are manufactured out of solid brass material.

The Brizo faucet has a great style and will look fabulous in most kitchens, both new and common. However, this is the kind of kitchen faucet you would great use in an open look kitchen where it’s more accessible to spot because this is the type of faucet that will get you a lot of positive comments from peoples.

One of the amazing features of this Brizo 63020LF-BL Solna faucet is the 360-degree swivel spout. This will support you to install the kitchen faucet virtually everywhere, on any counter. It is the best solution if you can’t install the faucet in a particular place because there’s not enough place for the handle. With this Brizo faucet, you can just install the handle where you need and use the spout.

The pull out sprayer is covered in a notch inside the spout. You can shift between the kitchen faucet and the sprayer with a twist of a switch, without having to continuously keep it down. The hose runs easily, and it will remain extended until you require it to return. The sprayer will click in the spot every time.

  • 360-degrees Swivel Spout System
  • Pullout Spray Kitchen Faucet
  • MagneDock Magnetic Technology

4. Brizo 63025LF Artesso Kitchen Faucet

brizo faucet

The best part of the Brizo faucet Artesso series, this Brizo 63025LF Artesso Kitchen Faucet available with an amazing stainless finish and an elegant look. The simple and sturdy frame of the kitchen faucet makes it both productive and long-lasting.

The Brizo 63025LF Artesso Kitchen Faucet has a good stainless steel finish which will make it a perfect fit for most modern style kitchens. You can also use this Brizo kitchen faucet in your kitchens with a traditional look if your other accessories have the same stainless steel finish. The faucet’s simplistic design is not impressive, but it looks amazing and the unit is great.

This Brizo model has a pullout spray kitchen faucet with a 21 inches long hose. The spray kitchen faucet has a plastic frame, but this faucet plated in metal. The metal plating has the same stainless finish as the rest of the kitchen faucet.

The companies engineered the sprayer this idea because a high weight would not provide the magnetic docking technology to use. You don’t have to worry about durability, though. All the modern styled faucets are built this process.

The Brizo 63025LF Artesso Faucet is heavy-duty and long-lasting, and it’s well made. The stainless finish is very easy to wash, and water spots are not noticeable unless your water source is so heavy.

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  • Pull Out Spray Faucet
  • 360-Degree Swivel Spout
  • MagneDock Magnetic Technology
  • Single Handle Lever System

5. Brizo 63221LF-SS Solna

This Brizo 63221LF-SS Solna is one of the greatest looking faucet money can purchase. It available with a minimalist style and the Brizo faucet has smooth and elegant materials. The faucet is suitable for an open place kitchen, and it will give a grand addition to both modern and traditional style designs.

The faucet includes new components with long-time reliability and best performance. The wand has two different features you can use. Changing between the spray and steam feature is easy to use with a button of a handle, and you don’t have to keep it down for it to the task.

The double join connecting arm will improve the reach and movement of the faucet, supporting you to use this faucet with ease. The spray hose is around 21 inches long, and it has a smooth movement. When you rotate the wand, it clicks into point thanks to the magnetic feature technology.

This is an extremely innovative kitchen faucet with a beautiful design and improved practicality. Its simple words are a piece of beauty, and it will make an excellent addition to every kitchen.


  • Two Function Wand
  • MagneDock system
  • Dual Joint Articulating handle

Benefits Of Buying Brizo Kitchen Faucet

Brizo is a trademark with renown, known for its innovative and effective faucets. Brizo has solid loyalty and good buyer service, and all their systems work for a long time on end without showing the results of wear and tear.

One of the best things about Brizo products is the stability of the good finishes. Nobody will ever be capable to tell how old your Brizo Faucet really is, even if you use it daily for long times. Their choice of finishes is strikingly attractive and shines like a brand new kitchen faucet all the time. Brizo faucets available in a lot of various finishes, but every one of them has great features and spectacular style.

All the faucets developed by Brizo help from a limited lifetime warranty, so it’s safe to tell the manufacturers to place their belief in the product’s strength.

Most of the Brizo kitchen faucets rely on the latest Scandinavian look, which makes them great for every kitchen. The company achieves the newest technology in its own products, so you can use with enjoy the best features.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brizo Faucet

How do I make a warranty claim for my Brizo kitchen faucet?

As with support needs, mail and direct phone contact are your best options. We’d suggest going to the Brizo Warranty section to get the real email address and contact number, as they are different from the ones for general consumer support requests.

How do I contact Brizo for assistance?

You can reach anyone either by email or by contact number the Brizo Help Line directly; information on both can get on the Contact Us page of the Brizo website.

What are the proper flushing processes for a new Brizo faucet?

For a newly Brizo kitchen faucet, it’s suggested to let the water run with the valves wide open for some time to exclude any contaminants that may be leftover from the production process. 

There may be times where it’s helpful to clean the cores and lines of a kitchen faucet after a duration of use, or if you see that the performance has degraded. How to well do It depends on the type of kitchen faucet (single handle or dual handle). 

Brizo is made by the same organization that also makes Delta kitchen faucets, so it stands to motive that the methods for both should be almost the same.

What is the cost range of these models on our list?

Brizo is a top-tier level company, so it should be assumed that the cost may be expensive than faucet models from other brands. You’ll choose that different Brizo kitchen faucets can price from a few hundred dollars to over one-thousand.

That may sound high, but you have to think about the level of quality and design that is compared with the Brizo brand.

Where is a best place to buy new Brizo faucets and older parts?

We would suggest Amazon. costing is competitive, models and parts may also easily available then trying to find them in a brick and mortar market, and if you have a Prime membership, you can take benefit of the fast shipping times.

Another good purpose is the Brizo faucets are not typically found in the market. They are distributed completely through specific Brizo shop, and you may not have one established close to your region.

Final Words

When you’re trying to find a perfect faucet for your traditional kitchen or for your cutting edge one, Brizo kitchen faucet is the right product for you. We’re sure that after viewing our Brizo kitchen faucets reviews you were capable to get exactly the kind of kitchen faucet you want. Brizo faucets are classic and innovative, useful, and reliable. Brizo has a good-looking style and they use the most advanced technologies. Once you won a Brizo, you won’t need to change brands ever again. if you want to find out more about faucets click here.

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